Tide Swimming

Tide Swimming

Why Choose Swimming?

Posted by   admin on    February 15, 2017

We're discriminating consumers, especially when it comes to choosing programs for our children. We talk to friends and read reviews. We try to balance costs with perceived benefits.

Many aspects of swimming programs are quantifiable: hours of swim instruction or training per week, coach to swimmer ratio, travel time to practice, program fees. These are important factors in choosing a program.

There are, however, other factors that are not as easily measured. Will my child enjoy the program? Will the program develop confidence and discipline? Will participation give my child a sense of accomplishment? Will my child feel comfortable, have fun, and make friends?

We received an email today from a happy mom. She did her research and enrolled her daughter in our TIDE Academy program. We've watched this little swimmer grow and enjoy every lap of her journey with us. This is why we do what we do.

"I just wanted to thank you for allowing my daughter to be a late (waiting list) addition to the Butterfly Stroke Academy that started last night. She came home last night just beaming because she had so much fun (even though she was exhausted)!

As you know, we’ve been doing the Stroke Academy for 2 ½ years, and we continue to love it! She is learning good technique, but more importantly, she is learning to work hard. I love seeing how proud she is after the practice- it is exactly how I want my daughters to feel--- knowing that she worked hard, did her best and had fun!

Thank you again for allowing my young daughter (and her twin siblings through the swim lesson program) to be a part of the program. We truly appreciate all of your hard work!"